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Case analysis on Porsche and its Online community

Porsche-The Cayenne Launch
• What is the value of the Rennist online brand community to Porsche?

• Should Wiedeking listen to the Rennist brand community? Why or Why not ? Should he engage with them? If so, how?

• Imagine you are a new Cayenne Owner. How does the Rennist brand community affect your Porsche ownership experience?

Nag, Hambrick and Chen (2007) define strategic management as the analysis, resolutions and actions that are undertaken by an organization with the sole purpose of creating and sustaining competitive advantages. While Mulcaster (2009) views this term from another perspective and says that strategic management refers to a technique used in managing all the vital aspects of an organization’s environment. In his definition, Max (2012) tends to merge the Nag et al.’s definition with Mulcaster’s and in this regard came up with the definition that states that strategic management means systemically analyzing the factors related to both the external and the internal environments with the aim of maintaining the optimal management practices. Regardless of the definition, all the three schools of thought tend to hold that strategic management mainly strives to attain a better position of corporate strategies and policy priorities. Scientifically, strategic management distinguishes itself from other techniques of management which seeks only to perfect on the effectiveness of the operations of the organization (Mulcaster, 2009).

Mintzberg, Pucko and Richardson as cited in Max (2012) outline the benefits that accrue when a company employs strategic management. These include differentiating the company and its environment, enhancing consistency in the process of decision making, magnifying the external environment focus, intensifies the instruments that lead employees, eases communication and hence mutual understanding, allows for establishment of a logical problem solving system and ensures order among others. The major reason for using for applying strategic management is hence to master the complexity of the business environment more easily.
The ever changing business landscape poses a number of challenges to strategic management in different organizations. The key challenges in this field today include change management, measurement of strategic management effectiveness, leadership development, learning and development and succession planning (Armstrong & Greene, 2007). These are drawbacks in the strategic management system of an organization and if necessary measures are not taken then the organization will most likely not be able to prosper. It is therefore advisable for the organizations to develop breakthrough tactics as soon as possible in order to be able to meet the customers’ needs.