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Carlo Levi

Carlo LeviPaper details:

In about three double-spaced pages (normal font and margins), respond to the following prompt.

How does Carlo Levi’s memoir of his life during the fascist regime in Italy provide insight into his opposition to Mussolini’s government? In what way(s) is the regime criticized when he depicts Gagliano?
Make sure your essay is uploaded as a .doc or .pdf or pasted under “Write Submission.” Include citations using either MLA or Chicago style formatting. The lack of citations will result in a reduced grade. Use only the assigned reading: the chapters assigned from the book( Levi ch. 1-3, 8-9, 10-14) and only the book, not external websites or resources. The integration of other material will detract from your assignment of closely engaging the text, and it might lead to plagiarism, the representation of other people’s ideas as your own.
USE ONLY THESE CHAPTERS Levi ch. 1-3, 8-9, 10-14

Reference page

USE Book: Carlo Levi Christ stopped at Eboli
IBSN: 9780374530099

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