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Career planning

Having a clear vision for the future, setting reasonable goals, and developing strategies for meeting those goals are
important steps in ensuring control of one’s professional future. This assignment provides the student with the
opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development through the creation
of a one-year and five-year professional career plan in nursing. It also creates an awareness of/partnership with
Chamberlain’s Career Services professionals, Career Care Plan, and resources available through Chamberlain Career

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
Synthesizeknowledge from the sciences, humanities, and nursing in managing the needs of humans as
consumers of healthcare in a patient-centeredenvironment.
Integrate communication and relationship skillsin teamwork and collaboration functioning effectively with
health team members and consumers of care.
Explore the impact of professional standards, legislative issues, ethical principles, and values on
professional nursing, using data to monitor outcomes and improve quality and safety.