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Capitalism and one ethical theory to analyzing the artical

Business ethics. Here is the link for the article.
Amazon built a delivery juggernaut. Some drivers say they paid the price. – CNN
Amazon Drivers Are Punished When Other People Cut Them Off: Report (

Analyzing the article by applying two theories, one is ethical theory virtue theory, deontology, act utility, or rule utility) and the other one is justice theory (the utilitarian-based economic argument of Adam Smith or the argument that the moral right to property guarantees the legitimacy of capitalism) to support your argument.

1. Amazon Delivery Drivers

Consider the terms (Links to an external site.) upon which Amazon delivery drivers work, including now being placed on camera. (Links to an external site.)Make sure your chosen theories would actually support what you plan to argue and also compliment each other to strengthen your argument. For this topic, you are also free to apply Marx as covered in chapter 4 as one of your two theories, even though it’s an economic theory and not a full-blown ethical or justice theory. But then only use one other ethical or justice theory – as there isn’t enough space to apply three theories.