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byd china and the target market is turkey(Ankara)

byd china and the target market is turkey(Ankara)
the company is byd china and the target market is turkey(Ankara)
part1 should be 2000 words to be followed precisely as the uploaded document….when talking about their main competitors would need some financials …also some academic references as to why we chose this company
part 2should be 1000 words the target market is turkey you can use Chile or Brasil as the other market but the target is turkey….please use all the databases in bracket in section as references(world bank indicators,ciafactbookand wto
part3 its a manufacturing comapny we are opening in turkey …ankara the state capital to be precise of what benefits is it to transfer
also make a financial plan for the first 3to5yrs in atable format
in terms of risk you can talk about the recent Syria refugee crisis in turkey
and of course ways to mitigate this risk(1000 words
part4 is the entry strategy …..1000 words
and the remaning words can be for the conclusion and recommendations


1. The Company
Company Data
Products – Industry / Sectors – Competitors
Existing markets for the company (where it is already present)
Export readiness check (similarity – knowledge – distance – involvement)
Swot Analysis

2. The (Target) Market
(You may start considering more than one and then select the best one)
Socio-Economic Characteristics (WB World Development Indicators)
Infrastructures (CIA World Factbook)
PESTEL Analysis
Tariff & Regulations
Custom duties
Trade Statistics (WTO databases)

3. Internationalisation procedures
Which strategy to use?
Entry conditions
Evaluate all the alternatives
Competitors ? what they do?
Financial Plan for your strategy
(It is export the right internationalisation strategy for this product/market?)
All strategies have, however, to present their pros/cons compared with a hypothetical export operation, to decide if it is the correct way of internationalisation for the selected company/market or not.

4. Entry strategy selected
Export procedure (shipping / handling etc.)
Certificates & other legal requirements
Pricing / promotion strategy
If another strategy is selected, add here all the necessary steps for the alternative strategy

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