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Getting to know Jonathan “JP” Roberts, the guy that became the peoples champ. Jonathan was born in
Louisiana, BA in 1996, but came down to South Carolina in 2000. He lived in Lake City SC with his Mother,
Siblings, Uncles, and Grandparents on Main Street. Years later he moved to Cades SC attending Cades
Hebron elementary school and received the artist of the year awards for best drawings, He later on moved to
Kingstree SC where he made his game changing move, his family owns a convenient store/night bar where he
worked part-time in the day after school to learn about the business, while attending the elementary, middle
and high school. By his 7th grade year in school he was known to be the best dancer and designer, once he
entered his first year in high school he transferred to W.A Academy to play football but didn’t join the team, his
main focus was on designing and throwing teen parties, he was stuck thinking on how to impact his town with
his ideas, he joined a promotion team in Florence SC not knowing it would give him the impact he was looking
for, he held events at the Armory in Lake City SC, foam parties in Florence SC and other events in Myrtle
Beach SC, he won the best dancer at South Florence high school show, leaving the crowd speechless, he also
started white bleaching jeans and ripping the ends to give a retro look wearing different pairs to every party, he
later grew a crowd of support, and started his clothing line WAVE (We Are Very Empowered) all while still in
school. He transferred back to Kingstree Senior high to finish his 2 years. He’s finally playing football, his 11th
grade year the team entered the second round playoff breaking history at his school, but was later knocked out
of the Championship list, felt defeated and wanted to still make an impact on his fashion career. His senior year
he became one of the captains of defense and was invited to media day to speak about Kingstree football
organization, he was being looked at by college scouts, he received captain of the year and received a fan
base outside of school. The kid always wanted to make a name for himself, the boys started a group called
“BIG Homie”, people asked “why BIG Homie?” his response was “when you think about somebody in charge or
somebody does big things, you say wazup big dawg, wazup BIG Homie, we all leaders in charge” that gave
them a reputation, they threw two Parties back to back, one in Florence SC at Willie T’s and one back home in
Kingstree SC, they always wanted to create opportunities for people to enjoy themselves in the surrounding
areas. In 2015, he graduated from Kingstree Senior high school-leaving him to make a decision on his next
chapter in life, I spoke with him about it and his response was “man everything I achieved since I’ve been here
is joy and memories, I just wanted everybody to know if I say I’m doing it, I’m not leaving until I’m done. No
matter the results. 2016 he made a promise to his mother that he would go to college, but he made her a deal,
the deal was for him to sit out the first semester then he’ll enter in spring 2016, I asked him why start late his
response was “I have two uncles that I watched leave for college, but wasn’t 100% ready, it’s a lot to jump into,
and I want to be ready”. He took a Job in Nan Ya Corporation and saved until it was time, a lot of people
doubted that he wouldn’t come to school, even people close to him doubted his ability, but he replied “It’s life,
it’s not how you start it’s how you finish, I’m still coming.”, and like he promised his mother he attended South
Carolina State University majoring in business management with a minor of designing, he felt completed.
Looking to start networking on a new platform with new people, fast-forward to now he still stands on his words
and his family, I had a chance to talk to him in private, I asked him what’s next, he said “2021 I’m thankful for
everything, every opportunity”. This guy has been the leader of it all, and I can’t wait to see his first official
collection, everybody is ready. Due to our world pandemic there has been a lot of ups and downs, financial
wrecks and family crisis, but that didn’t stop the “RETRO KID” from creating and exploring his imagination.
1. What spark an interests in entrepreneurship?
Man growing up around independent people, seeing my family survive. You know as a black man or women we
have to work twice as hard to see a change, and I’ve witnessed that change in many categories. Made me 
want more for myself, and embrace the doubt in society.
2. How important is it to have ownership as a black male?
Very important, not just for black men but also our black women. We have the keys, the vision, and the
willpower to do whatever we want, can’t depend on someone’s else business for the rest of your life, build your
own empire. Our people are talented in everything, and we’ve shown that for years now. We are living in a
world now that allows us to access more than we could in the 2000s, we have to sacrifice our wants for our
needs to have that ownership we want.
3. How does budgeting help improve your product?
That’s number one on the list of starting your business, starting as an entrepreneur can be scary not knowing
your budget limits. The best way to make sure you don’t spend over your budget is to start small, that way
you’ll be able to see your sale rates and how much to put out.
I know the arts especially music influences you a lot:
1. What caught your attention that music and clothes went together?
Music has played a big role in my life since I was young, my uncles Tap and Nick had me hip on so much RNB,
Hip-Hop and smooth vibes growing up around them, it made me see things differently, made me feel so
peaceful. My brand was inspired to go back and fill in the missing pieces of that era and still give a message to
the people. Inspired by Dru Hill, Michael Jackson, 112, SWV, TLC, Jodeci, Aaliyah, Diddy, Wu-Tang, Outkast
man the list goes on, and even now in 2021 Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Future, The Weeknd, Playboi Carti,
Trippie Redd, Don T, Pop Smoke, Troy Lanez, Gunna, and SahBabii just a vibe out of this world man.
2. How are colors important throughout the collection of clothes you’ve made?
Very important, colors speak to me when I’m working and sets different moods while I’m searching for the next
project. I normally go with a white base with a red font giving all eyes to whatever is on the surface, but I like to
stay with colors that are shaded and vintage to keep a long-lasting look, something that is original.
3. If you had to design for one artist who would it be and what item would you give him out of your collection