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Business-to-Business Company Study

For this assignment, you will identify one company in the B2B marketplace (i.e., a company that has B2B businesses). You may also choose a business-to-government (B2G) company. You are encouraged to look at companies that you might want to work for after graduation.
For the selected company you will create a report that includes the following:

1. Briefly describe the company’s B2B products and services (and include the company’s website).
2. Analyze the company’s customer value propositions and competitive differentiation in the business markets.
3. Identify one B2B key account of the company. If you choose a B2G company, you should specify what department or agency of the federal, state or local government is the key account. Out of the relationship theories in Chapter 3 (summarized in Table 3.1), select one that you think is most helpful and use it to evaluate the relationship between the company and this key account. Explain why the selected theory helps you most. Analyze issues involved in implementing KAM.
4. Examine how the ethical marketing and corporate social responsibility activities of this B2B company affect its performance.
5. Explain the differences between B2B marketing practices vs. B2C marketing practices: If your chosen company has both B2B and B2C businesses, then compare the different marketing practices of B2B vs. B2C businesses within this company. If the company has only B2B businesses, then compare the marketing practices between this company and other B2C companies.