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Business Structure and Financial Statements


In this area, you as the author outline the intent of the paper, objectives, etc.  Please note the centering of the heading and fact that it is not in bold.  In addition, note that we utilize double-spacing throughout the paper and the correct use of font size of 12 and type – New Times Roman.

Legal Categories

Notice here the use of a level two heading that is justified left and in bold.  In addition, the heading mirrors the first objective of the Assignment. As an added note – remember to include in-text citations where applicable that correspond to your references.

Business Structure

Again, we have a level two heading representing the second objective of the Assignment.  You should also note the indentation of the first sentence in a new paragraph.

Financial Statements

This area represents the third objective of our Assignment for week one regarding the financial statements involved for the business structure chosen.


In our conclusion, we revert to a level one heading – note the centering and lack of bold.  With a conclusion, we do just as indicated – conclude our research and findings by tying the concepts we presented in the body of our work together.  On the following page, I have included the proper presentation of references.  Please note that I include a reference for the textbook in our class and present an Internet example resource (Maricopa County) and a journal article as a guide for formatting.

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