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Business Skills and Employability

Business Skills and Employability
Employability Skills Report (1500words)
Question and Requirement:read carefully.

Terms of Reference:
Please select a job description for a placement or internship that you would be most interested in applying for between stages 2 and 3 of your studies. The task is to write a report to cover the following points:
• Outline the reasons why you are interested in applying for the advertised position and in particular the chosen firm/ industry. Demonstrate commercial awareness of both the firm and the industry in which it operates.
• Discuss the key employability skills provided in the job description and analyse which of the desired employability skills you currently possess and how you have acquired them by reflecting on previous personal experiences. You should apply material covered in the lectures to help you analyse these skills.
• Make recommendations on how you plan to develop your employability skills and gain experience in those you currently lack, making use of your personal action plan (to be developed in the Week 9 employability workshops).
• Your report must include the following appendices: (1) A copy of the job description you have selected for either an internship or a placement; (2) A copy of your updated CV, which will be based on the CV checklist and activities in the employability workshop in Week 11; and (3) a copy of your personal action plan.

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