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Business Recommendation Paperendation Paper

Business Recommendation Paperendation Paper

Bacchus Winery
Stan and Davis Bacchus inherited their winery from their father, George, three years ago upon his retirement. While they both appreciate all the hard work their father put into the business, they are anxious to incorporate new business methods to help them improve their products and customer service.

When they started running the winery, the owners decided to keep all existing personnel in place, hoping to effect minimum change during the turnover. Presently they employ Janet Collins, who is in charge of all finances and payroll; Roz Murphy, who heads up the marketing department, she has one assistant, Bob Ulrich, working for her; Henry Doyle, who manages the production line, as well as 20 employees; and Maria Costanza, who is in charge of distribution.

Bacchus Winery grows the grapes needed to make a Merlot, a Cabernet, a Chablis, and a Chardonnay. They have been receiving their supplies; bottles, labels, and wine ingredients from a supplier who ships the components every month or so. Stan and Davis are responsible for keeping track of the supply inventory and would like to find a more efficient method of keeping track and ordering supplies, perhaps over the internet. Roz and her assistant Bob would like to use the internet to market their products, but really have no idea where to begin. Maria, who is responsible for distribution, would like their distributors to be able to order online, and to be able to track shipments.

Bacchus Winery recently contracted for a structured analysis and design team to come in and recommend a new information system. However, Stan and Davis have been hearing more and more about Object Oriented Systems and would like to compare the two.

Stan and Davis have talked with a couple of consulting firms regarding Bacchus Winery, and has concluded that they would like a formal systems analysis done on the organization. After looking at your initial offering, he has decided to contract for your services to conduct a preliminary investigation of the project. You schedule a meeting with the owners and the department heads of Bacchus Winery to determine if a mutual interest exists in pursuit of this project.

After meeting with the executives at Bacchus Winery, they have decided to hire you and your team as a consultant. You had several meetings with the department heads to discuss the operations of the office, and have recommended conducting a detailed analysis of the customer record system, the distribution, the supply system, the accounting system, and the marketing department (including possible web sites). While each could be developed separately, you believe that Bacchus Winery would benefit from an integrated development approach that included all these subsystems.

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