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business plan/Video Hologram

business plan/Video Hologram
Order Description

Write about my idea of a Video Hologram. This idea is a concept because most 3D Holograms display a series of pictures. But my idea is a video hologram system which displays a 3D video and could be used to conduct a life feed video from one place to another. This system is a case similar to a projector needed both sides, one in where you want to conduct the video from, and one in where you want to be seen at.
And the name of the product is Holo-live

What I would like you to do also is create a sale business plan and marketing plan. The report is about a new company that I run selling this product and I would like you to include:

– Executive Summary
– Competitive Position and Marketing Strategy
– Financial Projections and Considerations
– Operations Management
– Human Resource Management
– Protecting Knowledge
please also put a price for the product and also prices for the spare parts.



Overview of the coursework assessment

For this piece of coursework you will predominately be working in groups of three or four.
You will need todevelop a brand new product and produce a supportingbusiness plan.
The business plan should be 3000 words maximum (10% margin for error).
Each groupwillalso need to complete a 5 minute video pitch of your best idea.
Each individualgroup memberwill also need to complete aself-reflection document.
The self-reflection document should be500 words maximum(10% margin for error).

Explanation for the assessment length / word limit

The justification for the length and word limit for this coursework assessment has stemmed from the national university guidelines for exam and coursework assessments. A standard tariff for a 20 credit module with 100% coursework assessment has been calculated at 4000 words for second year students. Therefore, each individual for a 10 credit module should be writing approximately 2000 words.

You will notice that the assessment for this module will require each student to write 750 words for the group business plan and 500 words for the self-reflection document, a total of 1250 (based on a group of four). This is slightly lower than the recommended 2000 words due to the need to collaborate with other individuals and to allow for the formative video assessment component, which will take additional time to complete.

Overview of assessment weighting
10% Formative Assessment: Five Minute Video‘Dragon’s Den’ Pitch

Completion of podcast or video in the correct format 5%
Presentation, Style and Originality 5%
70% Group Business Plan

Executive Summary 10%
Competitive Positionand Marketing Strategy 10%
Financial Projections and Considerations 10%
Operations Management 10%
Human Resource Management 10%
Protecting Knowledge 10%
Presentation, style and cohesion 5%
Grammar, syntax and structure of report 5%

20% Individual Self-Reflection Document

Demonstration of teamwork skills 10%
Demonstration of development of knowledge and understanding 5%
Presentation, grammar and spelling 5%

Detailed Information for the Five Minute Video ‘Dragon’s Den’ Pitch

The first part of the coursework will require you to complete a five minute video ‘pitch’ of your product idea. This will be completed as a group and will enable you to get some valuable feedback on your work. This is known as a ‘formative assessment’ and therefore only a small percentage (10%) of this component will go towards your final grade. Being able to portray your ideas in a short space of time is a difficult but useful skill to develop (often referred to as the elevator pitch). Video and Skype interviews are also becoming more and more common in the workplace, so this is an extremely useful employability skill to develop.
Detailed information for the Business Plan.

Executive Summary:
Detailed description of the Product: Include the aims, objectives and overall vision.

Competitive Position and Marketing Strategy:
Carry out a PESTLE, Porters 5 or SWOT analysis and summarise the results. Include your overall marketing and sales strategy. Which markets are you aiming for? What are the key characteristics / demographics of the buyers?

Financial Projections and Considerations:
How will the product make money? How will you choose your product price? What are you projections for the initial years of trading?

Operations Management:
Show the timeline and milestones of key operations. Consider the cost and number of people required to produce the product. Address performance considerations and quality certification.

Human Resource Management:
How will you recruit your staff? How will they be managed? How will they be paid?

Protecting Knowledge:
How will you protect your intellectual property?

Presentation, style and cohesion / Grammar, syntax and structure of report
You will need to ensure the business plan is presented and written in a professional manner and you have spent time checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Detailed Information for Self Reflection Document
Self-reflection is utilised more and more in higher education. It is a good way of developing key employability skills such as self-assessment and constructive criticism techniques (Cassidy, 2006). It also encourages ‘deep learning’ which includes examining new facts and ideas critically and making connections between different concepts (Biggs, 1999).

Your self-reflection document will need to incorporate the following criteria

Demonstration of teamwork skills
Explain your role within the group. What parts did you complete? How did you go about managing the project? Did you find yourself leading the group or being lead? Have you learnt anything about yourself in terms of working as part of a team?

Demonstration of development of knowledge and understanding
What have you learnt from completing this assessment? What do you know now that you didn’t at the start of this Module? With hindsight, would you complete the coursework differently?You also need to demonstrate an awareness ofleadership within managing projects; risk awareness; and legal and ethical frameworks.

Presentation, grammar and spelling
You will need to ensure the self-reflection document is presented and written in a professional manner and you have spent time checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.

This is a group-based assignment, contributing 100% of your module assessment. The maximum number permitted in each group is four.Group report writing is commonly used in many industries; therefore gaining experience of writing as a group is another positive employability skill. The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate how difficult tasks can be achieved in a short time period. It may also allow the group to appreciate that there are sometimes more than one way to solve a problem. By completing the task, individuals will be able to develop their teamwork skills, problem solving, negotiation and responsibility. It may be that the group encounters difficulties in coming to agreements, setting out tasks, agreeing completion dates, but these are normal parts of project work and should be worked through as part of the process.


• The formative Five Minute Video ‘Dragon’s Den’ Pitch must be submitted as an MP4 file, via Moodle.
The deadline for submitting the Video Pitch via Moodle (DLE) is:

12 Noon, Thursday 29th October, 2015

• Each individual needs to submit ONE copy of the 3000 word business plan.

• Each copy should be submitted via the Moodle (DLE) website for HRL202.

• Each member of the group also needs to submit ONE copy of the 500 word individual self-reflection document.

• One copy should be submitted via the Moodle (DLE) website for HRL202.
The deadline for submitting both the business plan and the self-reflection documents via Moodle (DLE) is:

12 Noon, Thursday 17th December, 2015
Work may be handed in on any day prior to the deadline. Work submitted up to 24hrs late will be capped at 40%. After this it will receive a zero mark. Module staff cannot give students extensions to deadlines. If you have a valid reason for late or non-submission, you will need to complete an extenuating circumstances form.

For more information on what constitutes valid extenuating circumstances and extenuating circumstances procedure, please see

Module staff will aim to return all coursework within 20 working days (i.e. not including weekends or holidays) of submission, via Moodle (DLE). This means you should expect your coursework to be returned by 20th January, 2016.

The report should be written in your own words. A guide to writing reports can be found at the ‘Learning Development’ web site. This can be located at,

Biggs, J. (1999). Teaching for Quality Learning at University, SHRE and Open University Press.

Cassidy, S. (2006). Developing employability skills: Peer assessment in higher education. Education and Training, 48 (7), 508-517.

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