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Business Plan

Business Plan
Complete the following assignment:
Please note:
• Total business plan assignment minimum length is 6 pages including:
• Cover Page
• Table of Contents
• Business Plan (Min. 4 Pages)
• Include the 7 Section Headings
• Do not include the questions.
• Each section should be approx. 2 to 3 paragraphs.
• Total written work – approx. 1700+ words
• The business plan assignment is only covering the written part of the business plan.
• You are NOT required to submit budget or financial statement information.
• Some sections may be longer and others shorter….depending on your company.
• I am marking the final business plans as overall projects and how they relate to the specific company; as each company is totally different.
• Marking is based on research, creative writing, spelling, grammar and length.
• Microsoft Word file

Pretend you’re the director of Sony USA and you’re preparing this business plan about the Sony for new partnership.

Your business plan should include the following sections:
Cover Page
(worth 1 mark)
Include your Company Name,Your Name, the Date and Who you are preparing your business plan for?
e.g. Banker, Investor, Business Partner, Family, Friend, Client or Supplier, etc..
Table of Contents
(worth 1 mark)
Include the 7 headings and the corresponding page numbers.
Executive Summary
(worth 2 marks)
The business name? Is this an existing business? new business and/or franchise?
Why did you chose this company? Business Plan Highlights & Business Goals

Company Profile
(worth 2 marks)
Company History, Legal Structure (Corporation, Partnership or Sole Proprietor)
Mission Statement-A statement that will make a positive impact on the business.
Business Description-What does the company do? What product/s and/or service/s do they sell?

Market Research
(worth 3 marks)
Industry Overview – Knowledge of the Industry, trends, size of market
Where the company fits in the market
What makes the products and/or services necessary?
How will you brand your product or service? pricing strategy? promotion?
Demonstrate the viability of your business

The Target Market
(worth 3 marks)
Describe your ideal client profile:
-demographic – age, education, income, location, business to business
-personality – lifestyles, interest, opinions, influences – buying decision
Why would they buy from you? price? delivery time? quality? service?
What are their needs, wants and behaviours.
The Competition
(worth 3 marks)
Competitive & Risk Analyses
Who are the competitors? direct? indirect?
Why are the competitors in business?
What are the competitors strengths and weaknesses?
Your unique competitive advantage?
(worth 3 marks)
Where does the company operate? Equipment? layout? Set-up? Hours?
Location details: Home office? online? physical location features?

Management Team & Human Resources
(worth 2 marks)
Who are the key players and advisors for the business?
Tell the reader about yourself? (if you are involved)
Human Resources-Employee details and plans
Advisors: lawyer, consultants, mentors, accountants
Work cited information – list at the end of your report.
Total 20% of Final Mark
Please submit your assignment by the due date; week #13, marks will be returned after this due date.
Please exclude any confidential information because this is a college course assignment and therefore you are NOT required to include any personal information. Before investing in ANY business venture, entrepreneurs should seek professional guidance; with regard to the legal, financial and valuation aspects of any investment.
Business Idea & Draft Notes:
Complete the following but DO NOT submit rough notes.
–Students can write about ANY business idea or existing business. -The business plan assignment information can be true and/or created.

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