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Business Plan / Research Paper/ Business Legal

This paper is part research, part business plan. The overall format is APA 6th. This paper will consist of four parts.

Part One: Create a business that you would like to own. It can be an accounting firm, a business firm, selling products, etc.Any business that you one day would like to own.

Design the legal structure of the firm based on what you have learned in this class. (Sole owner, partnership, corporation {and if so, what type of corporation}). Tell me why you have chosen this legal construct, and write fully the pros and cons of the structure you have chosen. Include one case as an example of why you have made this choice. (3 pages)

Part Two: Write a contract with your business as one of the parties.

All new business contract for either goods or services when they begin. Therefore, you need to write a contract between your company and another business or person. It can be a lease, a loan, an employment contract, or any other contract discussed in the course. Do your best to eliminate potential future problems that could result in a lawsuit over a misunderstanding. (3 pages ).

Reference at least two cases (or more) in which your type of contract has been the center of a legal case. You may use your textbook as a starting source (1 pages).

Part Three: Write a legal risk analysis review

Consider that your new company will last at least for three years. What future contracts will you be encountering in the future? Should you hire a lawyer or other professional for help, and if so, what should you look for in this new person/partner/vendor?

If there are problems, will you consider ADR, or will you move on to trial? Tell me why or why not.

Use at least two legal cases that represent the risks and concerns that lay in wait for your business’ future. (3 pages)

Part Four: Summary

Tell me what, if anything, you have gained from writing and researching Parts One-Three.

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