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Business Level Strategy

Business Level Strategy

Order Description
Please read this session’s case study from the core text and post your thoughts on the questions raised in the forum below before proceeding.

Exploring Strategy: 9th edition, 2010: Johnson, Scholes and Whittington: Prentice Hall Publishing
Vodafone: Developing a Total Communications Strategy In The UK Market – pages 557 – 564.
Discussion Questions

To complete this task please answer the questions below:

1. At the time of the case, how do each of the 4 industries (fixed line, mobile, television and broadband) compare in terms of ‘attractiveness’ as suggested by Porter?

2. What are the key drivers of change in the communications industry as a whole? What do you expect their impact to be over the next five years?

3. How do you expect the UK communications industry to converge by 2015? How attractive will that industry be?

4. What should Vodafone’s strategy be to achieve its goal of being “The Communications Leader in an increasingly connected World”

Recommended Reading
Exploring Strategy: 9th Edition, 2010: Johnson, Scholes and Whittington: Prentice Hall Publishing. Chapter 3, 5 & 6

Contemporary Strategy Analysis 7th Ed. 2010: Robert Grant, A John Wiley and Sons Ltd Publications. Chapter 5, 9 & 10

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