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business law tutorial exercise 6

business law tutorial exercise 6Order Instructions:
answers for business law tutorial exercise 6
The question is the business law tutorial six – Consideration, I need all the answers of 6.1 to 6.6.

Please see attached Tutorial six

I Tutorial Six – Consideration I
The purpose of this tutorial is:
To elicit the key legal rules of consideration.
To use the history of the development of the principles of
promissory estoppel as an example of judge-made law.
To introduce the concept of equity.
Students are required to study the rules of consideration from their lecture
notes and textbook prior to this tutorial.
Exercise 6.1
1) Consideration is required in simple contracts but not in formal deeds.
Explain this statement (Parker & Box, p117)
2) In one or two sentences, define the term ‘consideration’
3) Complete the following table:
1. Present (exeCUted)
2. Future or prospective

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