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Business Intelligence & Data Mining

Business Intelligence & Data Mining

2000 words HIT353


Focus: in this project, is required to produce a detailed, in-depth document describing a proposed solution (Business Intelligence & Data Mining Solution) for an existing small-to-medium business (or virtual company) seeking an implementation of a BI solution  to fulfil their business objective(s).


  1. A final project report (30%)

– Can also be structured as an SRS document (Systems Requirements Specification).

Even though, you are not required to submit the final product (BI Solution) as fully functional and working product, it is important to describe the specifications, concepts (models) and technologies involved to implement the proposed system. You are not required to specify or describe in-depth the programming environment (language), however, general understanding of this aspect of the solution is accepted.

Below are further general guidelines and the options which you may consider for your Project. Choose one, and only one.

Selection of a Company (organisation):

Requirement: Select an existing small-to-medium business/organisation (or virtual company) seeking an implementation of a BI solution to fulfil their business objective(s), and report on the specifications of the Case and the proposed solution in a detailed document (report).

If you are looking for more directions, then I suggest the following approaches:

  • You may wish to implement a solution for customer relationship management system in a small company (must be novel/original).
  • Text mining / text analysis /data mining solution for a small business.
  • Data warehousing and BI solution for a small business.
  • You may wish to implement a solution for an invoicing system in a company (must be novel/original).
  • You may want to proceed with a data driven approach that is to look at rawdata for inspiration. In the big data era, there are now many interesting opendata on the Web,

Is thereanything interesting you can do with the data? Some suggested examples are:

  • Web-based crime visualisation application with crime details stored in DB;
  • Web-based real estate project with real estate data stored in DB; clinicmanagement system project with patient and doctor etc… details in DB.


  • Task

A final project report (30%); MUST include the following:



-The business case

-Business requirements: (business objectives, technical requirements, assumptions)

-Proposed solution overview:

  • BI’s solution overview
  • how is this solution relevant to the company?
  • what and how will it achieve the business objectives
  • originality, qualities
  • constrains and assumptions

-Components (Data items, functional and system requirements)

-Models / Concepts / technologies

  • Describe in detail themodels, concepts or technologies involved in the proposed solution.

– Implementation specifications of the proposed solution

  • General description of how the solution will be implemented in the existing (or virtual) company/organisation (*hint: the company might have multiple existing systems and software in use). Must show a clear understanding of the complexities and challenges that might occur and how to overcome it (apply knowledge learnt from previous case studies. *hint tutorial case studies Qs&As)

-Reference list



This is not a task which can be completed simply by gathering information from the internet. Original thinking is required, demonstrating sound reasoning and rational assumptions to support your proposed solution. Inspirations from other case studies are encouraged, however, originality is a requirement.

Attention is drawn to the University’s policy on plagiarism. Note also that marks will not be awarded for information taken directly (copy/paste) from the internet, even if it is referenced.

The report must be set out as a formal technical report, in word .doc or .pdf file format, and it will be marked as such. As an indication, the length requirement for this report is approximately of 3000 words; however, marks will be awarded for quality, not quantity.


Use font: Arial or times new roman; size: 12; double spacing; CDU Harvard referencing, in-text citation.


-The end –