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Business Idea for a new venture

Students will develop an idea (product/service) for an entrepreneurial business venture.  The business idea needs to be a new venture, not an existing company.

The report will include the areas listed below. Note that the second and third assignments will build off of this, using the same entrepreneurial business venture idea.


1. the product or service

2. the target market (what group is going to buy the product/service)

3. the pricing for product/service

4. manufacturing or process for provision of product/service

Students are expected to use readily available information from Internet searches or through the library database for the rationale. Using this available information, students will provide rationale. Evaluation will focus on how well the student demonstrates their ability to make a thoughtful recommendation based on insightful, intelligent rationale.

In addition to the report, the instructor may assign a presentation. If the instructor elects to have a presentation:

A. Each student will have 25 minutes to present, with 5 minutes of that time devoted to Q&A. All students are expected to attend all individual presentations to listen and participate in Q&A.

B. Students should turn a copy of their slides prior to their presentation. The key points of their presentation should be summarized in the presenter notes.

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