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Business Functions in context

Business Functions in context

A written report which consists of a detailed analysis of an organisation/company, with the Summative being an Individual Student submission.


The report should include the following:


  • An introduction to the chosen company, providing some background information, such as its size, industry and competition c150 words
  • summary of the organisation’s external environment.  This will be achieved through a brief analysis of three of the STEEPLE factors(giving consideration to the organisation’s macro-environment) and also a brief analysis of two of the factors from Porter’s Five Forces Theory (reflecting the industry’s the micro-environment). c500 words
  • critique of 3 of the organisation’s key Business Functions(3 from the 8 – listed below), explaining how they support it (the organisation). You should make reference to:

–          Their contribution towards the delivery of the organisation’s key objectives, against the background of the external environment

–          The organisation’s value chain (Porter’s Value Chain Model), and specifically primary and support activities

–          The organisation’s resources and core competences

–          Whether the function is in-house or contracted out, or is a combination of both, with your reasoning as to why they have chosen that approach. c1,250 words


  • Business/Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Systems Management
  • Facilities Management


  • A brief conclusion with your assessment as to whether your organisation and its key Business Functions is in a good position to meet its customers’ current and future needs. c100 words
  • Reference List
  • Appendices (where you will include your methods of analysis, for example STEEPLE, Porter’s, SWOT, Stakeholder Mapping etc. used in support of your assessment of your chosen organisation)


N.B Your organisation should not be one that you have studied in any previous or concurrent module.


Marking Criteria for this Individual Summative Report:

  • Evidence of research 40%
  • Considered analysis using relevant theory and frameworks 40%
  • Presentation and structure 10%
  • Harvard referencing 10%


The word count must be shown on the front page of your report.  It should not exceed 2,000 words, excluding any words in the abstract, contents lists, diagrams/graphs, tables, references and appendices.