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BUS 308 Week 2 Assignment

BUS 308 Week 2 Assignment
Week 2
Testing Means

In questions 2 and 3, be sure to include the null and alternate hypotheses you will be testing.
In the first 3 questions use alpha = 0.05 in making your decisions on rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis.

1. Below are 2 one-sample t-test comparing male and female average salaries to the overall sample mean. Based on our sample, how do you interpret the results and what do these results suggest about the population means for male and female salaries?

2. Based on our sample data set, perform a 2-sample t-test to see if the population male and female average salaries could be equal to each other. (Since we have not yet covered testing for variance equality, assume the data sets have statistically equal variances.)

b. Since the one and two tail t-test results provided different outcomes, which is the proper/correct approach to comparing salary equality? Why?

3. Based on our sample data set, can the male and female compas in the population be equal to each other? (Another 2-sample t-test.)

4. Since performance is often a factor in pay levels, is the average Performance Rating the same for both genders?

5. If the salary and compa mean tests in questions 2 and 3 provide different results about male and female salary equality, which would be more appropriate to use in answering the question about salary equity? Why? What are your conclusions about equal pay at this point??

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