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Bullying: Where Do We Go From Here

There have been several highly publicized suicides among young gay people and people whose gender is not perceived as reflecting traditional views of what men and women should look like or how they should act, who was publicly bullied and humiliated at school or over the internet.

1. Based on readings that you may have come across recently or perhaps through personal experience (yours or witnessing others), please share your thoughts on this topic.

2. Where do we go from here? Please do not use the names of individuals or personal identifiers if you are describing particular situations. Scoring (maximum 20 points): up to 15 points for your initial posting up to 5 points for each response to a classmate’s posting with a thoughtful response that furthers the class discussion To post your response: Click on Add a new discussion topic button below to create your post.

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Topic: 6.6 Week 6 Discussion Forum-

Bullying: Where Do We Go From Here? –

Week 6 Discussion 3 2/3 (https:// Ashley Crosley (hps:// Yesterday  Reply  Bullying plays a big part in children, this make them have low self-esteem. I have a nephew that been bullied because of the people he hangs with and the way that he dresses. kids bully other kids to make themselves feel better most of the time, you have children who don’t say anything to their parents at home because their scared of their parent’s reaction.

Bullying is physically and verbally. I think bullying should come to an end, it should be taken more seriously because you have people who actually commit suicide because of other people making fun of them.

We should make the students that get bullied feel like nobody’s against them, or support that kind of behavior. This will make children speak up, and it might save some lives before getting to the committing suicide part.

(http Jessica Russell (hps:// Yesterday  Reply  Ashley, I am so sorry to hear about your nephew! It’s so sad to hear these little kids getting bullied. I think as adults and some of us (as parents) we need to set the example for the younger children in our lives and let them know that they are not alone. We need to be outlets for them! (https:// Jessica Russell (hps:// Yesterday  In high school is when I first experienced having gay friends, and fortunately, I have never witnessed any bullying (thankfully). However, the stories I have heard in the media and on Facebook are absolutely shocking and almost seem unreal. I feel saddened for those who have been bullied and those who get to the point of sadness where they want to take their own life (which some successfully do).

I have even watched the show 13 Reasons Why, and that actually gave me a deeper look at what it is truly like in high school and how these kids get suicidal, etc. I think that more awareness needs to be out there and I also feel as if more needs to be done in regards to the bullies. I feel as if bullies do not get the punishment they deserve. Now with more 5/10/2019 Topic: 6.6 Week 6 Discussion Forum- Bullying: Where Do We Go From Here? – Week 6 Discussion 3 3/3  Reply school shootings going on, there is clearly mental health issues running rampant in these schools all over. Anyways, I feel like I am rambling on, but these are just my thoughts!

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