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Building the New Negro Renaissance

Literature of the Reconstruction to the New Negro Renaissance (541-554): Washington’s Up from Slavery (572-602); DuBois’ Souls of Black Folk (692-766); Chestnutt’s “The Wife of his Youth” (624-632); Dunbar’s poetry (918, 922); “The Harlem Renaissance” (953-962), Hurston Their Eyes (1062-71); Hughes’ poetry (1288-1301). Write 5 paragraphs on the Chestnutt and Dunbar reading assignments. How do these texts reflect the Reconstruction Period? Describe their tone in relation to political, economic, and social progress.

Write 6 paragraphs on the DuBois and Washington readings: this should consist of 2 paragraphs summarizing Washington’s concept of progress, and Du Bois’ concept of progress. 2 paragraphs – comparing and contrasting these concepts. 2 paragraphs Answering the following questions within your paper – Has one proven to be more effective than another? Is the current Reparations movement a reflection of one of these authors?

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