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Budget Analysis of Autism Services in Saskatchewan

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Students will be expected to examine the 2018 Saskatchewan provincial budget. Students will analyze the budget in relation to its impact on health at both the individual and population level. Students will draw on scholarly references to assist in both analyzing and providing evidence on the potential health impacts (positive or negative) of the budget.Scholarly references should be incorporated to support the analysis and the budget impacts (minimum five additional references should be sought to support positions). Introduction and Conclusion o The purpose of the analysis is clearly stated. o Analysis highlights the importance of the budget and relevance to health & nursing practice. o The closing statements are well-articulated. o The closing statements include recommendations for professional nursing practice and consideration. Content o Provides an in-depth analysis of a component of the Saskatchewan budget and accurately correlates the budget to health. o Discusses the impact of the budget on individuals, families, groups and communities. o Correlation to professional nursing practice. o Substantial and concrete development of ideas. o Utilizes nursing research. References Emde, K. [Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union: Working Together for Saskatchewan]. (2017, August 3). Sask budget cuts: Kids with autism pay the price [Video File]. Retrieved from 84CGPxBDE Government of Saskatchewan. (2016). Autism spectrum disorder individualized funding survey. Retrieved from Government of Saskatchewan. (2017). Province invests $5.2 billion in health care – government focuses on funding core services.

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