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PART 1: In a fully developed paragraph, answer ONE of the following questions based on the Strong reading. Good luck!
1) Referencing 5.5.2:The Perfection of Nonduality, Strong notes the importance of “shock” in the words of Laksminkaradevi in order to help one breakthrough dualistic thinking. Why might she do this? How does it work? For illustration it might be helpful to give an example from the original source document text.
2) Referencing 5.5.3: Offering the World Mandala to One’s Guru, Strong uses the term “soteriology” in his opening paragraphy. What is soteriology? How does visualization of one’s Guru connect with Tantric soteriology?
PART 2: As you watch the film, keep this question in mind: “What are the particular characteristics of American Buddhism?’ In other words, put on your sociology hat and try to note the ways in which the contemporary American context (the last 50-60 years) and its attraction/perception of Tantric Buddhism has shaped a “new” Buddhism. In what ways does the context (time and place) influence the construction of Tantric Buddhism. In the space provided, give three characteristics that you see as particularly “American” as Tantric Buddhism spreads over a new geography. Good luck and enjoy the film.

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