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Brookfield 2001 and Mayr 1997

Read Brookfield 2001 and Mayr 1997, then respond in writing to the questions
1. After reading Brookfield, you may get the feeling that he is attempting to serve as the “fitness police”. Try to
summarize his thoughts on how he would like us all to use the word and concept of fitness, and how he would
like us to avoid using it. Original examples are welcomed.
2. Apparently Mayr also intends to police our use of certain terms in evolutionary biology. One question that he
seeks to answer is, ‘Selection of?’ What does he conclude? (Note that you can answer this question twice—
once in general terms, and [at least] once in specific terms.)
3. How does Mayr respond to the question, ‘Selection for?’
4. Both of the assigned articles are philosophical in nature, and each uses a term that is important in the
philosophy of science. Brookfield incorporates the term ‘probabilistic’ into his essay, while Mayr uses the term
‘deterministic’. What is the meaning of each term? What is their relationship to each other? (Time for more