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The strategic moves used to promote several companies and improve the pay structures of employees highly depend on the process of their salary rates. The practice of higher salary structures that involves employees and the ways they are obliged to be paid by the companies is called Broadbanding. Various employees have a wider salary structures that determine their ensuring. This paper will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Broadbanding, a private sector that uses the Broadbanding pay system and whether or not it works for them and the recommendations and suggestions on whether the Smiths’ company should use this system for the engagement and management of the firm and employees respectively.

            The simplicity in managing a smaller business structure comes as a contribution of Broadbanding system. It effectively offers compensation for the employees who are within the firm that helps in boosting the businesses. It is a flexible method that ensures employees have a strict supervision and therefore the supervisors have a lot of responsibilities (Whalen, 2008). The trust issues built within the managers is effective in promoting the rapport and strengthening more business ideas. Such implementations help with the management and growth of the company into higher levels. The method is cost effective as it reduces compensation fee and economically divides them amongst the employees which still works for most of the firms.

            The setback this system brings is the unavailable ideological structure on the eternal environment which is very essential. Trusting the supervisors with the responsibility to work and take car of other duties of employees provides a range of required methods that might lead to mistrust. This system may therefore lead to loss in the company if there are employees who do not work towards achieving their goals and do not perform their duties as designated.

            According to Sharma (2010) the internet companies mostly use Broadbanding system which works effectively for them and ensures a structured form of stabilization to help in the management of the business. It is faster for the organizations as well as cost effective after they combine a wider range of employees’ salaries. The system is available and reliable in this field because most of the time it begins in a smaller perspective that widens after a period of time. The activities involved in the internet companies are technological advancement which works for the benefit of the society at large.

            The Smiths’ can use the Broadbanding system which can work well in the company. This is suitable for them because of the number of employees they have, and the business is still growing. It will ensure and provide flexibility at all times in such cases improving the cost incurred whenever there are salaries required for payments or other forms of transaction made which may be a cost to the business. The business will promote other strategic plans and responsibilities to the manager and help in creating a long term work relationship effective for the environment and the employees.


            Marketing structures and other elements that are used to improve the economy of the firms and organizations have proven to be effective with a good example being Broadbanding. The availability of a well equipped and trained employees who will be happy in the growth of themselves and the business s the dream of any individual especially those with a vision of starting their own business. Broadbanding works well with the smaller business scales and this favors the coasts incurred whenever a business idea emerges and the capital seems huge and expensive to rise.

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