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Brief a case.

The assignment is to brief a case. Select any of the cases below and write a brief
Option 1) Graham v. Cirocco (Court of Appeals of Kansas)(enforceability of covenant not to compete)…

Option 2) Herrera v. Fleming Cos., 265. Neb 118 (2003) (shopper slips and falls and is injured in Grand Island store, sues for negligence)…

Option 3) Silverleaf Investments, LLC v. Devastator, 28 Neb. App. 278 (2021) (enforcement of contract claim pertaining to real estate purchase) file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/N00007138PUB.pdf

Option 4) Commonwealth vs. Alexander Hernandez, 456 Mass. 528 (2010) (unlawful search and seizure of driver’s car by University police off campus)