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Breathe Right strip users

The Breathe Right® nasal strip is a unique adhesive pad with two plastic springs inside that, when put on the
nose, opens up the nasal passages more than 30 percent making it easier to breathe. This provides relief to
snorers and allergy sufferers and increased performance to athletes. CNS, Inc., the manufacturer of the
product, is seeking to increase its revenues and profits by selling the strips in international markets. This case
challenges students to think about how a small manufacturer can find local sales and distribution partners in
countries around the world to reach international consumers. Underlying the CNS global marketing strategy is
an emphasis on understanding the unique characteristics of each country in which the firm sells its Breathe
Right strips.
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for CNS taking Breathe Right strips into international markets ?
2. What are the advantages to CNS of (a) using its three-stage process to enter new global markets and (b)
having specific criteria to move through the stages?
3. Using the CNS criteria, with what you know, which countries should have highest priority for CNS ?
4. Which single segment of potential Breathe Right strip users would you target to enter new markets ?
5. Which marketing mix variables should CNS emphasize the most to succeed in a global arena? Why?