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Brand blog

Brand blog
Wite two brand blogs. The first one should be about (chanel bags). The second one you can choose any brand you want.
please make sure you cover all the asked part below on each blog.

1. Start a blog for a brand that you like.
2. Give it a title, theme and description by answering these
a. Why are you doing it? (What is the problem you want to solve?)
b. Who is your audience?
c. What do you want to write about?
d. What kind of tone do you want it to have?
e. What theme do you want?
f. What’s your voice (it doesn’t always have to be you)?
g. How will you promote it?
3. Make your first blog entry.
4. HOMEWORK: Make your second blog entry
5. BONUS: If you get a response from the brand, you get 100
bonus points!
Deliverables—Finish your blog

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