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Border Secuirty

Instructions for the Case Study: You must pick any topic related to the affairs/actions/policies/practices of the
Department of Homeland Security. On this topic you must prepare a short case study or general research and
submit it by the dates I will specify at the end of this post. The format of your papers will be as follows:
At least 2 and no more than 5 Pages, Double Spaced, Size 12.
Use at least 2 scholarly sources (not the class book).
APA Format referencing (links are available on the Blackboard).
The topics of these Case Studies/Research Papers are not structured/mandated in any way. YOU pick the
topic, YOU find out what you can, YOU process and format it in the way that makes sense to you AND to the
reader, and YOU make the choice of the topics.
To point you in the right direction, I am providing some links towards the information you may find helpful in
completing these assignments. I am also providing some questions you may want to answer and use as
guidance in your research. You do not have to use these links; I will be more than happy to see you come up
with something on your own.
Anything you as a civilian can do to assist your community to meet the challenges of dealing with (find out how
many and what they are) phases of Emergency Management (you can write a thousand papers on this topic)
will eventually fall under the umbrella of the DHS; do some research, tell us what you’ve discovered. Hint –
Research and describe what FEMA and DHS do to deliver Emergency Management awareness to the public.
Look into the training available free of charge to all members of the Law Enforcement, Emergency Response,
Emergency Management (and even the private sector) communities. Tell me what to do and how to find/obtain
such training.
Research this topic.
Find out what DOD/DHS forces are involved and how.
Find out IF there are other NON-federal BUT military-structured participants in DSCA and if there are – tell us
who they are, what they do (hint – SGAUS).
Research DSCA w/i the California and NY states… you will find more than enough information to produce
hundreds of case studies. (find out and
tell me if NYS has anything to do with this and if yes – what is it?).
How does Posse Comitatus play into this scenario?
Does it apply?
Is it violated?
Are the DOD troops acting in the LE capacity or Support LE capacity?
Find out and tell us what the role of the DOD troops is/was here.
Were there non-DOD branch(es) of service used in this operation?
If yes – who were they and what was different about them?