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Book Review of In Confidence Anatoly Dobrynin

1. Coverage of Subject : Be sure that your review presents a brief synopsis of the book’s content together with an exposition of what you believe are it main points or thesis. Avoid side issues or repetition. Make a significant effort to fully cover and reiterate the book’s main issues in the conclusion. (20 points)

2. Analysis : The focus of the review’s analysis should be maintained throughout the essay. Points and/or subtopics should be clearly conceived, presented and discussed. Feel free to be critical or praiseworthy. Be sure to present your own view as well as the views of the book. (20 points)

3. Content : Your comments on the book ought to be accurate and clearly presented. You should use material from the book and from your accumulated knowledge to contribute evidence to the general arguments of your review. Do not make assertions in your review without backing them up with evidence from the book. (20 points)

4. Organization and Form: Your review should be composed in a clear and logical manner. Since your review is descriptive and analytical, your points should be presented in a logical sequence, which enhances your general argument. Make certain that your review’s commentary has an introductory statement, a body of evidence, and a conclusion. (20 points)

5.Writing and mechanics:The writing style of your review should be clear and concise. Your review should be written with a readership of educated lay people in mind. Be sure that each paragraph leads logically into the other and that all terms, events, people and other items are adequately defined. Make sure that you follow the fundamentals of paragraphing, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Be certain that you have maintained proper margins and form. Have your review carefully proofread for mechanics, organization, continuity, and transition. (20 points)

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