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Bohannon and Montgomery

1. How might unethical research and publishing practices affect your area of interest/study?

2. Montgomery discusses the negative impact of celebrity scientists and sees them as a contributing factor to unethical practices. Who are examples of these high-profile scientists? Do you agree with Montgomery that these people can make “ordinary researchers feel rather like protozoa” (90)? Do you agree there is a connection between celebrity scientists and unethical practices of researchers trying to make their mark?

3. Both Bohannon and Montgomery discuss the impact of new paradigms in scientific publishing, especially as research becomes more globalized. What are their concerns? How should we respond as scientists and science writers in light of the evidence provided by Bohannon and the concerns raised by both authors?

4. How do you keep from plagiarizing? Montgomery provides examples and discussion of what counts and plagiarism and what does not. What have you found helpful from this reading in that regard? What other useful advice have you received on avoiding plagiarism? What questions do you have on the topic?