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Biology question

A researcher goes to Alaska three years in a row and counts the number of polar bears found in a particular 5 square mile region.
A researcher determines the DNA sequence of the gene that is responsible for Cystic Fibrosis.
A researchers determines the rate of growth of plants given different doses of a new fertilizer. Some of the plants are given no fertilizer.
Researchers take a submarine to an area of the ocean floor and look for the types of organisms that live there.
Researchers test the growth rate of a newly discovered bacteria on different types of food sources.
Please start by telling me which statement you chose. In 250 words or less, please answer the following questions using proper grammar and full sentences:
Is this discovery or experimental science? Why? (2.5 points)
For discovery science: What is being observed? OR For experimental science: What is the control and what is the variable? (2.5 points)
Would you expect the researcher to use inductive or deductive reasoning for this? Why? (2.5 points)
Lastly, provide an example of something a researcher might hypothesize for the statement you chose. Feel free to be creative! You can go find and use real study results if you are unsure of what a researcher might ask. (2.5 points)