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Biological theories of gender development and gender schema theory Poster

For this part of the unit you need to be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
• Biological explanations of sex and gendereg, hormones, chromosomes, reproductive organs, Oestrogen and Testosterone.
• Gender schema theory and its strengths and limitations

Your poster must outline biological theories of gender development and gender schema theory. You should also briefly include some evaluation of the 2 theories.
Create a poster which demonstrates your understanding of the theories of how individuals acquire gender identity. You should contrast biological explanations: the role of genes and hormones with psychological explanations: gender schema theory and social influences. You should include some examples of research to accompany each theory and refer to psychological terminology where appropriate.
Gender Development
Two theories of gender development:
Biological: Genetics and Hormones,
Social/Psychological: Gender schema theory
What factors affect development of gender identity?
Can you categorise your ideas?-physical, emotional, social etc.
Sex is a biological fact- whether a person is genetically male or female.
Gender is socially constructed – a sense of who you are –maleness and femaleness.

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