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Biblical world view of leadership

Biblical world view of leadership

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Write a paper describing a Christ-centered biblical worldview.
Make sure you address the components of a worldview, how to test the worldview, and what makes it a biblical worldview.
Give an example of the leader who exhibits a biblical worldview, as well as an example of one who does not, with explanations of how this affects their leadership.
Compare and contrast how different worldviews affect leadership.
Describe what your worldview is and how this affects your leadership.
This project should be 2500 words (+/-10%).

Patterson, K. (2003). Servant leadership theory. Virginia Beach, VA.
Miller, D. L. 2001. Discipling nations. (Chapters 1 – 13) (254 pages)
Winston, Bruce. 2002. Be a leader for God’s sake. (192 pages) Access free pdf here: servant leader

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