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Believing your leader

As the BA in Leadership capstone course, the central activity is to articulate your synthesis
of learning about leadership and yourself as a leader in the form of a personal philosophy
of leadership paper. This paper is a theory that serves to explain and guide how you act, a
set of beliefs/principles that ground you in how you will lead, and a set of commitments
that drive your actions as a leader.
Using course readings, material from forum discussions, and thoughts/ideas/concepts
from your previous courses, reflect on the following questions:
3. How will you lead yourself and others? How will you live out what you believe as a
leader in your personal life and your vocational calling and work life? What is your
Emerging (0-64%) Developing (65-89%) Mastering (90-100%)

the “leadership philosophy part 2” is all the previous part for this essay what i have handed to my prof, so please take a look.