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Belief Journey Paper

Each student will write a 1500 reflection paper, as an expression of their personal history with an international eyes towards those that have shaped their primary convictions/beliefs, as he or she holds them. Your narrative should include reflections upon the top three elements that have impacted what you believe and why you believe in them

you should demonstrate at least 3 elements from personal history with thoughtful examples of their impacts upon your personal belief system. At the end of the paper, use pertinent language and concepts from the texts who need theology to construct a detailed plan

Different studies have been conducted to explore the concept of social media marketing in the fashion realm as well as on fashion blogging (Silva, 2014; Alper, 2014; Gibbs et al 2015; Manovich, 2015, Lovoie, 2015; Monovich, 2016; Ramos-Serrano & Martínez-García, 2016; Lungeanu & Parisi, 2018). Monovich studies focused on analyzing the images portrayed in the Instagram accounts and ascertain their cultural patterns and values. On the other hand, Silva (2014) focused on evaluating the use of Instagram as a marketing tool for various fashion organizations. The study was however limited to how luxury fashion brand uses Instagram for their marketing purposes. A similar approach and reliance on luxury brands was employed by Alper (2014) in his analysis or the role of Instagram in content distribution to the targeted customers. Few studies have been done in the context of fashion blogging in Instagram  most of which have only focused on analyzing the characteristics of the fashion bloggers (Lavoie, 2015; Ramos-Serrano & Martínez-García, 2016; Lungeanu & Parisi, 2018).  There is limited information on the role of fashion bloggers in influencing consumers’ decision in reference to fashion designs and trends. This forms the basis of the current study that will explore the role of the fashion bloggers in the fashion brand marketing taking the case of Leandram Cohen and Chiara Ferragni.