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Basic spatiotemporal variables

At the most basic level please compare the basic spatiotemporal variables, knee and ankle angles, and give a qualitative description of the GRFs. For extra marks make a more detailed kinetic analysis, and discuss more detailed kinematics.
You will need only a few markers for your analysis. The most important ones are the ones from this list, which allow you to look at basic kinematics of the lower limbs:-LACR and RACR (on the shoulder): the left and the right acromion (on the shoulders), they define the proximal end of the trunk.-LGTRand RGTR: the greater trochanters, which define the proximal end of the femur(as well as the distal end of the trunk).-LLEPI and RLEPI: the lateral femoral epicondyles, which you can assume define the location of the kneejoint.-LLMAL and RLMAL: the lateral malleoli, which define the ankle joint.-LMET1 and RMET1: the first metatarsal head. These markers allow you to calculate hip, knee and ankle angles. Of course, please feel free to use any other markers you like.
don’t forget to include 1-3 figures from the Mokka app itself, such as the charts there while comparing between both files, I added them as charts

For Windows: download (usually best) or (older machines). These ZIP files are compressed files and you need to extract the contents of the file first. You can do this by right-clicking on the ZIP file > Extract All. Then, in the extracted folder, run the programme by clicking on Mokka.exe.
For Mac: download Mokka-0.6.2_MacOSX.dmg, install and run the programme.