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Bang on A Can’s Music-Minimalism and Post Minimalism.

Bang on A Can’s Music-Minimalism and Post Minimalism.
Paper details:

Stating the Topic: Literature Review & Gap

-a) Contextual literature that helps situate the topic (e.g. studies of American minimalism and Post-minimalism / Bang on A Can’s music)

b) Literature that deals with your specific subject to some extent

Gann, Kyle. “Minimal Music, Maximal Impact” New Music Box (November 1, 2001)

Minimal Music, Maximal Impact

Gann, Kyle. American Music of the Twentieth Century. New York: Schirmer Books, 1997

Kozinn, Allan. “Post-Minimalism and Folk Ballads Fuel a Composer.”, New York Times, February 1, 2011, accessed February 2, 2011,

2. Statement of Purpose

There are dozens of musical style which are using musical methods and techniques, which are officially recognized as major academic disciplines such as Twelve-tone serialism, Non-twelve-tone serialism, Musique concrète, Experimental music, Computer music , Semiologic music, minimalism and so on. Many contemporary composers who claim different methods of musical styles are overwhelmingly abundant. In fact, since musical works themselves are the product of complex thinking and musical ideas, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand these music, especially, for people who are not majoring music. In fact, from the early twentieth century that was a time of rapid change in technology, and the arts, including music, many composers wrote post tonal music, and took up the banner of the avant-garde. As a result, music became increasingly diverse in style and approach, a process that accelerated throughout the twentieth century. In additions, new institutions were created to preserve the history of jazz and popular music, while new types of music emerged to meet new functions.

In a vortex of many musical styles, Julia Wolfe, David Lang and Michael Gordon, internationally known as multifaceted composers, organized Bang on a Can, which is one of the most popular contemporary music ensembles in 1987. They have a strong interest in a diatonic pitch language, tonal in effect but avoiding traditional functional tonality. They also combine a radical simplification of material and procedures with a return to diatonic music. One strain can be found in Minimalism, discussed above, but nor all music of this type fits the Minimalist category. In this sense, I try to get influence of recent music and later music from the analysis of Bang on A Can’s music.

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