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Backbone Networks

As the technologies used in LANS and WLANs become faster and better, the amount of traf?c the backbone network needs to support is increasing at an even faster rate. Coupled with the signi?cant changes in the best practice recommendations for the design of backbone networks, this means that many organizations have had to replace their backbones completely. We would like to think that these have been one-time expenditures, but, as traf?c grows, demand placed on the backbone will continue to increase meaning the amount spent on switches and routers for use in the backbone will increase. Designing backbone networks to be easily upgradable is now an important management goal.

Sunshine Healthcare Corporation owns a small company that specializes in medical telemetry consulting projects. The projects typically involve one or two engineers who do data intensive analyses for clinics and hospitals. Because so much data are needed, the projects are stored on the company’s high-capacity server but moved to the engineers’ workstations for analysis. The company is moving into new of?ces and wants you to design its network. It has a staff of 8 engineers (which is expected to grow to 12 over the next 5 years), plus another 8 management and clerical employees who also need network connections but whose needs are less intense.

Evaluate the use of a backbone design by comparing and contrasting the different backbones and their uses. Design the network and describe the backbone network components and architectures

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