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Awareness Forum

Awareness Forum #5: Next week is “fall break,” so we won’t have an Awareness Forum, but let’s get one more thoughtful discussion in before that. (I expect particularly insightful ideas from those who missed class!) Educators have always struggled with the issue that some things“stick” and other things don’t. Because people are so different, it is difficult to predict what will be important or useful to individual students. We can, however, gain some insight into our own learning process. So, describe one of your own “A-Ha” moments. (“A-Ha moment” has become a cliché, but it is clearer than the more formal “epiphany.”) Can you think of a moment where you saw something you didn’t see before? Where your view of yourself, people, or the world changed? It could be from something you read, a music lyric, or an event that happened to you. Unfortunately, we seem to grow the most from painful experiences, so if this evokes something too personal to share, see if you can translate it into general terms: explain what happened but leave out the specifics of how it happened. How do we improve perception and gain insight?

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