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Author’s profile paper

Write a 2-page (c. 700 word) paper that examines “Art Matters” by Neil Gaiman, in light of the author’s experiences and considers the role that biography plays in shaping art. You will research the author’s life and speculate about how particular episodes may have influenced the work – (this was a short reading that was on Neil Giaman)

There are a number of ways to structure this; consider the following if you are struggling with organization:

1) Summary of the work you are examining
2) Brief biography of author
3) Example: Specific passage that connects to an aspect of the writer’s life
4) Additional example that connects to the writer’s life
5) Conclusion 

Formatting: Your paper should be formatted and cited in accordance with MLA conventions (Google: MLA Essay template if you are unfamiliar with what this should look like). 
Sources: There is no required amount of sources but you will need to use secondary source material in order to establish the facts of the author’s life as well as to cite the primary source (the work itself). Use MLA conventions.
Length: Your final draft should be 2 pages in length (roughly 600-700 words).

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