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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Etiology or Treatment Research Paper: Instructions

Using the Topic Assignment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, write a research paper focused on either its etiology or treatment.

Must include
Title page
Sections headed as follows
I. Introduction of topic, DSM description
II. Literature Review of your five primary source empirical studies (either etiology or treatment)
III. Conclusion which summarizes findings and future possibilities

Regarding Section II. Literature Review: You must have five primary source empirical studies that apply to your selected disorder’s etiology or treatment
An empirical study tests a theory or treatment using a sample of subjects and assessing results statistically. You can typically identify an empirical study by the subheadings that include Methods or Procedures, Results or Analysis, and Discussion or Conclusions. Using the terms etiology or treatment in the search terms with the title of the disorder will help
The study findings must be summarized (not quoted) and cited in the paper, and the articles submitted with the final paper. (The copies of the article are not included in the final page count)
Each article must be published in peer reviewed journals and approved of in advance of the final paper submission
Summaries should paraphrase not quote the article
Format in adherence to APA format as detailed in An EasyGuide to APA Style

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