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Attainment of KS3 and 4 Mathematics Students in the UK

Towards Improving Academic Attainment of Key Stages 3 and 4 (KS 3 and KS4) Mathematics Students in the UK

Attainment in UK secondary schools, particularly in subjects such as Mathematics, is an increasing concern to students, parents, schools and government agencies. There is the need to improve existing tools or develop a new tool to address this challenge.
Write a literature review of 6,000 words on academic attainment of KS4 Mathematics students in the United Kingdom, with focus on
1. Historical academic performance of these groups of students (1,500 words)
2. Likely factors affecting attainment (factors such as participation in classes, social and economic background of student, gender, etc) (1,000 words)
3. The role of students (e.g through participation in intervention, etc), parents, schools and public agencies in improving attainment (1,000 words)
4. Intervention(s) that were adopted to help improve attainment, the success and failure of these intervention (1,500 words)
5. Justification on the need for an effective intervention (1,000 words)