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Lab 4: The Cosmic Distance Ladder I: Parallax
Read the lab before attending lab. You might find it easier to navigate if you expand only one or two sections at a time.
The following summary video is available to you in case you miss lab or want to review it when completing the lab:
Cosmic Distance Ladder I: Parallax (29:27)
You are permitted 100 submissions per question. Use some of these to save your work.
If you do not save your work periodically, you risk losing it when WebAssign times you out. WebAssign does this after a few hours for security reasons.
Do not open multiple copies of this assignment, or multiple WebAssign assignments, or you risk losing your answers upon saving or submitting.
Enter all calculated values to at least two significant digits.
Do not add units when entering numerical responses. WebAssign will not accept your response.
Do not use special characters when naming files. WebAssign will not accept your file.
IMPORTANT: Your instructor must submit observations for Lab 5 immediately. These observations take up to a week to complete, and you must have them to do Lab 5.
Instructions for submitting these observations can be found in Lab 5, Procedure, Section A, Part 1

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