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Assignment #3 (15%) – Training Plan Report and Presentation (based on Job analysis)

Create a training plan for the job you analysed.

Training Needs Analysis/Assessment – The first step in the training plan is to determine training needs:
 Use the following questions as headings to frame the Needs analysis:
Context for training
• What is the context for training?
• What are the profiles of the candidates undertaking training?
• How many people need to be trained?
• When and where do these people need to be trained?
• How could technology support the training?
• Who will be responsible for the various types of training?
• What approach should be taken (e.g. lecture, seminar, simulation) to each of these?
• Should training be outsourced to a contractor?
• What is the role of the trainer?
• Is assessment necessary?
• How will training be documented?
• What will it cost?
• Which aspects of training present the highest risk?
• How will the training be evaluated?

Training plan
Create a training plan schedule identifying how you will train employees based on the MRES – Major Responsibilities and Essential Duties / Functions from your Job Analysis. Use the training ‘steps’ found on page 87 – 88 to frame the training plan.

Writing mechanics:
• This must be YOUR original work – Job descriptions from the internet must be referenced.
• Written in a report format with Arial 12-point font, 1.5 – spaced using paragraph headings
• Readability and writing mechanics will be assessed: grammar, APA citations, quotations, & references. Include and Introduction and a conclusion: a critical part of report writing!

Training Report Rubric
Section Marks Earned %
Introduction and conclusion 5
Training plan based on Job Analysis (MRES) 15
Needs Analysis (answer questions) 20
Training plan schedule 25
Training plan budget 10
Validation: transfer of learning – effective training evaluation 10
Report template set up: Title page, Arial 12 Fond 1.5 line spacing 5
Writing Mechanics:
APA quotations, citations and references, style, and grammar 10
Grade 100

The Training Presentation )8%)
The objective of the presentation is to provide a succinct overview of your training plan to the class (based on your job description, training assignments and particulars listed below).
• The presentation must be a minimum of 5 minutes long it is to be in the form of a professionally presented power point. –Don’t slow us down by not having your presentation in the Drop Box!
• Provide the audience with a clear, concise, brief BUT INTERESTING job description (job and location).

OPTION 1: Describe Overall Training Plan
• Present a succinct training needs analysis (who are you training – text definition p. 86)
• Discuss how you will train: On the Job, Classroom, computer et cetera.
• Provide clear delivery methods (who will train and how)
• Discuss the training time lines (complete training schedule) of training components – the COMPLETE training plan and how much time will be spent on each aspect of the job description
• Describe the minimum standards of performance
• Identify how you will appraise the success of the training plan
• Calculate and present costs: how much the training plan will cost (labour + materials).