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Assignment 2 – Project Report

You are a Planning Officer employed by Westminster City Council. You will be preparing a planning report to the local planning committee on a proposal by Kydonia Holdings to build a mixed housing, commercial and retail development on a site in Moxon Street, Westminster.

The 0.35 hectare site is owned by Westminster Council, and is currently used as a temporary public car park and temporary farmers market.

Your report will need to include an appraisal of the site and its surroundings, an analysis of the legal and planning issues arising from the proposal, and a recommendation as to whether the scheme should be approved or refused.

You should explain clearly the reasons for your recommendation.

You will be provided with a copy of the planning application, a site plan, drawings of the proposed scheme, and letters received following consultation.

You will need to examine and apply any relevant national, regional or local planning policies in completing the report and making your recommendation.

The final project report of between 2,500 and 3,500 words must be submitted electronically through the module Blackboard by no later than 1pm on Sunday 1 May 2016.

Please note that there are penalties for the late submission of coursework unless there are clear mitigating circumstances. For more information on these penalties and how to apply for mitigating circumstances, please consult your Course Handbook or the SABE Registry.
The Development Site
The Development site is bounded by Moxon Street, Cramer Street, Aybrook Street and St. Vincent’s Street. It is a 10 minute walk from the Marylebone Campus.

Assessment Criteria (Project Report)
The extent to which the student demonstrates:
a. a good understanding of the spatial planning system;
b. a good understanding of the main legislative and policy issues of relevance to the site and the development proposal;
c. an ability to rigorously collect and assess planning information, to decide what weight to put on the different policy considerations, and to reach a sound conclusion regarding the recommended outcome;
d. an ability to produce a clear and well structured report, with good English and grammar, and with appropriate references and evidence to substantiate arguments.
Robin Crompton
Module Leader
Issued 5 March 2016

Item No.

City of Westminster

3 May 2016 Classification
For General Release
Report of

Operational Director Development Planning
Wards Involved

Subject of Report

In this box put the site address

Proposal In this box describe the revised planning application proposal

Name of Applicant Kydonia Holdings
(Your word count starts from here. Maximum 3,500 words)

In this section you should say whether you are recommending approval or refusal, whether any approval is subject to conditions and/or a legal agreement, and the main reasons for approval/refusal.

(No more than half a page of text)


In this section you need to include a short description of the site, the current uses, the results of your site appraisal, and any relevant planning history. This should be no more than one page.

In this section you need to include a detailed description of the revised planning application and explain any community benefits being offered by the developer through a legal agreement. This should be no more than one page.


In this section you need to include a short summary of the replies to consultation on the proposal, and highlighting the main planning issues identified. This should be no more than one page.


In this section you need to assess whether the proposal complies with relevant planning policies in the the Westminster City Plan, the Westminster Saved UDP Policies, the London Plan, the Moxon Street Planning Brief and other relevant planning guidance such as the NPPF.

You should indicate what other material considerations are relevant, and review the main planning issues that need to be addressed in coming to a recommendation.

If you are minded to recommend approval of the development, then also explain any planning conditions that may be needed to make the proposal acceptable, and if the approval should be subject to a legal agreement.

If you are minded to recommend refusal of the development, then also explain in detail why it is unacceptable, and why conditions and/or a legal agreement cannot make it acceptable.

This is the main section of the report and should be a minimum of 4 pages.


In this section briefly explain the main positives and negatives of the proposal, and your overall conclusions – indicate which planning issues are the most important in coming to your recommendation.

This section should be no more than half a page.


In this section you should set out your detailed recommendations.

If you are recommending approval, be clear exactly what is being approved, and set out in detail any planning conditions (and the reasons for them), and the terms of any legal agreement if appropriate.

If you are recommending refusal, set out in detail the reasons for refusal, including reference where appropriate to specific policies that are not complied with.

You should just list the information in this section. You DO NOT need to set it out in the format of a draft decision letter as in the Westminster Planning Committee reports examples provided.

This section should be no more than two pages.
(your word count ends after this section, but please also include the next information box in your final submission)


Name of Applicant: Kydonia Holdings
Date of Original Application 7 March 2016
Dates Revised Put in any Revision Date here
Drawings Put in Approved Drawing Numbers Here
Registration Number 10/0229/Outline
TP Number TP 14660/27636
Planning Report prepared by: Put your name in here please

Additional Notes and Guidance for the Project Coursework.

(a) The report should be no more than 3,500 words
(about 10 – 12 pages). Please do a word count.

(b) This Report template is for your guidance. You are free to change or
add new headings, if you think it helps in the presentation of your
information and arguments.

(c) You may include a few photos and plans as an Appendix to the
Report if you wish, but these are visual aids and will NOT be
assessed as part of the project coursework assignment.

(d) Remember to look at the Westminster Committee Report examples
on the module blackboard. These will provide some guidance on the
writing style you need to adopt. Use third person/not first person.

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