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aspects of 19th Century European History

aspects of 19th Century European History
Class: 19th Century Europe

Major: Marketing

Assignment description:
The topic should relate aspects of 19th Century European History to their fields of studies. As well as identifying how would the progress in their field of studies would’ve affected Europe in the 19th century.

1800 words, 200 word abstract. (2000 words total), 6 keywords

Paper Breakdown

-Presentation paragrapgh (purpose of paper)
-Hypothesis or research question.
-Contributions and innovation (how does the research question or hypothesis would add something new
*optional (if needed): description of the parts of the body of the essay.

-analyse primary sources to contribute or corroborate, refute or present a new idea.
-Analyse others thoughts (are they right, wrong, why?)
-reflect own subjectivity on topic.


References to any works must be showed, as well as listed as a source

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