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Asian Vs. Western

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between audience and performers in Western theater/concerts/opera and in Asian performances, and show how it is not just the audience or the performers that assign value to a performance, but a combination of both.

Influence of the Performers (briefly)

Influence of the Audience: Western versus Asian

  1. Every artist has their own way to do things, they have creativity. Artists should put whole energy in their work although no audients.
  2. Ten years of training for every one minute on stage
  3. Kunju: people use some different color on their face and performance.
  4. Bianlian: people will put too many “faces” on his face, each face has a line in his hand and different “faces” have different emotion, like smile, angry, sad, happy and surprised. This skill is difficult to performance so people who want to do this need do many exercise.
  5. action and verisimilitude are important parts of Western theatrical paradigm, and expression of emotion and visual are the important parts of Chinese theatrical paradigm
  6. China audiences could interactive with actors, audiences will be more exciting to do this. They will handshake and ask for actors’ signature. Western audiences applaud and concentrated on performance.

Requirements for the paper:

  • 6-7 page paper, typed, double-spaced, 1 inch margins + page of References
    • Focus should be on how Western and Asian audiences differ in their response to performance art (for example, hand gestures, vocalizations, body language and movement, facial expressions)
    • Give examples
    • You may use up to 3 quotes; otherwise paraphrase and compose your paper
  • Go to the Write Place at Roesch Library for help with grammar before submitting
  • You will be graded how you write about the theme, your organization and clarity, originality and examples used to support your main points and your resources
  • Dr. D. will construct a new tab for you and you will upload your paper to it.

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