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Asia study!

finish the three questions in the final exam. Please only use the resources i send to you and the book below. NO OTHER RESOURCES ALLOWED. 3 pages for each part, totally 9 pages, due within 2 days

BOOK NAME: Nicholas Tarling, ed. The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia, Volume 1, Part 1, from early times to 150
Dai Viet
Nam Viet
Readings: 137-153, 260-270
Readings: pp. 173-181, 196-202, 208-226, 242-252

Answer each Of the three questions bc1ow.Your answers l? ?UST be word-processed and doub1e-spaced and l? ?UST
inc1ude information from the c1ass readings with propcr footnotes.
As pcr indicated in the sy11abus,? e e?ams b?UST beretumed by Apr1121,2016,in rny office at9108Desmarais between
10:00and13:00,If you? vish to hand in your exa? l carhcr,p1ease send“ to Inc ?ia ema11at rn1essard@uotta?
Late exams ??11not be accepted unless there are excepjOnaI circumstances and unless these circumstanccs are
Plcase also refer to the insthcd0ns found on the cOurse sy11abus relevanttO thc ?na1exam.
1. The ?ngdom of M? apa?t was part of What Nicholas Ta? ?g referred to as? e‘ ‘Maritime Realm’ ’Of
Sou?ea? Asia? ExpIai? the factors? at aIlowed M? a?? tto ?se as a11economic fOrce in?e regio? a?d
expla1? also‘ he reasons for? s dec?ne? PIease aIso expL? n whatis rnea? t by‘ ??a??me realm? ”
2. The kingdo? l of Dai??et is often considered the‘ ‘exception” ? hen it comes to the study of earIy Southeast
Asian kingdoms? Provide a brief expIanation as to llrhy thatis the case a? d then provide a1nore deta? ed
answer asto how Dai? ?etis actua? y closeIy linked to other kingdoms of mainIand Southeast Asia?
3. By focusing on h/Ielaka a? d on the Ph?ippines,compare the waysin??hich Isla? l a?d Catho?osm
transfoHmed eath of these areas? Your answer shodd i?c1ude examples of re? gious ?fe,gover?a?ce and
ad?li“stration,as we? as soc? ?life?

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