Are social media truly social? Why or why not?

As a city tends to be inhabited by locals as well as immigrants, therefore it tends to be a diverse population. All of them come with one motive, which is to succeed in a wealthy and secure environment for themselves and their families.

However, this paper is focused on the formation of a community living in a society. At first, they may feel isolated and lost,but in the long run, they seem to get used to the city life and not think of going back to the village. Their sense of mind about things they see on the media changes, as they learn that the media tends to manipulate its audience with a change of words and extra effects to gain the audience’s self-interest. So,was Le Bon right? Do crowds manipulated by mass media inhabit the modern city? Yes,they can, if they are willing to accept changes and be open to any suggestions.If they start to develop the beliefs and perceptions of the city.

 My mother has lived her entire life in a small village in Lebanon. She grew up there, and studied somewhere nearby; she met my father, who also lived in the same village. They both got married and applied for jobs abroad, found good offers in the UAE, and decided to fly there and start a life. At first, my mother felt depressed and deprived of her own freedom, which to her was the village. It was difficult, and the separation caused her to feel alone. Although many of her friends moved to the UAE with her, the village itself gave her a feeling of belonging. She described the city to be loud and filled with industrialization while the village was just the sound of tree leaves clashing and birds singing at five in the morning. She said that things changed for her when my sister was born. She got to spend time buying things for her child and searching for good nurseries to put her in. The wide range of options for her child’s education, the safety health insurance, and her job’s willing to help with personal payments took her by surprise. She felt secure knowing that her child would grow up with the best education and health she could find. Later, this motive encouraged her to bring me and my brother into the world with, thankfully, the best education and health we could ever ask for. We visit Lebanon once a month every year, and with time, going there became a hassle. My mother ironically finds the city life more peaceful now that she has gotten used to it. She always says to never believe anything you see online, and with my education and observation of the members of the village, it made more sense to me why she would say such a thing.

Development of the Character

The development of my mother’s character took time.She was at first, isolated and shocked, even if a few of her friends were around, it was the environmental difference that affected her the most.However, a city has its ways of aiding a person to feel welcomed even if it isn’t their home country. That is what unconsciously drives a person to feel warmth in a place that is not their home. Not only that but, a person of community eventually understands and follows the instructions of a city, leaving some of their beliefs and perspectives behind.


Based on the above case study, are social media truly social? Give reasons either supporting or opposing.

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